XJ220 at The Brothers Collection

I had the opportunity to tour the showroom of The Brothers Collection in Salem, Oregon.

XJ220 rather prominently displayed; on a pedestal surrounded by a Porsche 918 Spyders, Ferrari FXX, Saleen S7, and both a Bugatti Chiron and a Veyron.

Does it run? Just checking.


Yes, it does.

It has been in the collection for quite a few years and always ran well…until it didn’t. That was a 3-4 years ago. A new fuel cell, rebuilt water pumps, new timing belts, and a slew of other work got her roaring again. The Jag Shop in Portland did all the repairs.

Some years ago I took the car to a couple PNW British car events where it was hit.

Other than Craig at The Jag Shop I’m the only one who has driven it in the last ten years or so. I drove it just before we put it up on the stage and it ran great :slight_smile:


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Funny, I thought about you when I was imagining all the work that would go into maintaining such a collection. I didn’t realize you were associated with that particular collection.

Good to know!

Does it get regular ‘exercise?’

No, not the moment.

At some point we’ll rotate some of the exhibits. I’ll drive it then.


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