[xj40] 93 XJ40; billows of white smoke out the exhaust

Hello again; went out this evening after a huge ice storm to
get some chinese food; drove there Ok but when I restarted
the car to leave, it started to run with a severe misfire
and huge amounts of white smoke out the back. Since it was
running somewhat and I was not far from home, I decided to
go for it. Got home, the car still running barely. Shutting
it down to gather my wits, one thing came to mind, #1: blown
head gasket! I opened the hood and saw antifreeze splashed
around the resevoir tank; I tried to open the tank carefully
and fluid squirted out so I stopped. So tomorrow I will try
a stop gap water seal heroic measure. Here’s my question. On
American auto transmissions, somethimes the downshift module
mechanism on the transmission fails and allows ATF to get to
the intake manifold and create similar billowing white
clouds out the exhaust. Does my Jaguar have such a device
and have a similar malfunction? Never a dull moment with
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