[xj40] 93 XJ6; loud front suspension clunks, rattles and bangs

I’ve brought this topic up on the forum before to no avail.
I have a serious noise collection of rattles, bangs and
clunks coming from the passenger side front suspension when
I go over moderate to severe road roughness. The drivers
side is OK. Front shocks have been changed incl upper
bushes. Both upper and lower ball joints appear to be OK. I
suspected the upper A-frame bushes, using a large lever they
moved easily. However, having removed them, they appear to
be worn but not so bad to be making all this noise. I am at
a loss as to what could be making all this racket. My next
guess at the culprit is the front crossbeam and assoc rubber
bushes. By the by, I also have much noise in the way of
clunks in the rear; that I’ll attend to once I figure the
front out. ANY IDEAS!–
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