[xj40] Air conditioning fix

Another problem solved.

I’ve had the air conditioning in my '92 Sovereign fixed twice in
the 10 years that I’ve owned it.

The last time it didn’t put out that much cold air but I
rationalized that it was because the R12 had been replaced by R134
and Jaguars were never known to be that great and maybe the sensors
were covered by cigarette smoke.

However, I took it over to my local mechanic who works on
tractors, is really reasonable, loves English cars and is just
finishing his MGB.

He experienced another problem (see separate post) but finally got
his air conditioning buddy in and fixed it.

Here is the problem. When the last parts were replaced the
mechanic did not replace the proper amount of oil in the system for
the parts that were removed in fact I think he put in too much.
This is explained very well in the Jaguar manuals.

Point 1. If you are not happy with the results of work done on
your vehicle take it back immediately don’t rationalize.

Point 2. Get a mechanic who cares. I’ve been through about 10.

point 3. RTFM. Read the friggin’ manual.

Doug Lawrence–
Doug Lawrence 1968 420G, 1992 Sovereign
Toronto, Canada
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