Xj40 bastard hose

(MarkON) #1

going to be doing a head gasket replacement shortly , and am going to replace the bastard hose while i’m in the area , does anyone know the inside diameter of that , i have some left over hoses from other cars and might as well use instead of buying . thanks.

(Brett) #2

I don’t know the inside diameter, but I will say its not a straight piece of hose. There is a bit of an offset to it. For that reason, you may want to consider buying the right hose. Its name is well deserved even with an exact fit hose, and you may be setting yourself up for more frustration if trying to use something else.

(jamesm) #3

Hi Mark

Great to hear you are going to fix the xj40
link for your info cheaper alternative using a toyota landcruiser hose

(dr_gaz) #4

This is the one

(MarkON) #5

Thanks James , it was a close call on the fix , she was almost out the gate , my son talked me into keeping it . I was going back to Ford . I think he’d rather inherit a Jag than a Ford . Hahha . Will give the Toyota one a try .

(MarkON) #6

Is this a pic of a standard hose or the toyota one ?

(dr_gaz) #7

It’s the standard one, from our great supplier in Melbourne, JagDaim.