XJ40 ECU interchangability

Hi , Is there any web sites that have a good list of what ECU’s can be used on any XJ40’s. I know that there is specific ones for different countries and different emissions . There’s different color stickers and build date codes on them , can anyone explain what they equate to ? I"m in Australia , so what would the codes be for a car here , Just in case anyone knows what would be good for my cay , 1989 4.0 xj40 ,( an early 4 litre with the 90 dash ) . This is driving me batty , trying to find some answers . Thanks in advance .

Mark …

Could be a sticky wicket mate. Here’s a discussion on the very subject …


They mention cloning your old ECU’s info onto another model … interesting.

Thanks Groove , may have to look into a clone , maybe .

Mark …

What happened to your original ECU ?

Do you have the original ECU part number ?