[xj40] Factory Alarm xj12

Having trouble programming the factory alarm on my XJ12. The IR
Keyless fob works wonderfully, but only with the rocker switch in
the centre console switched to the ‘‘off’’ position. Typically when I
use the fob to lock the doors, it operates properly with all doors
locking and a noise which others refer to as ‘‘ha-HA, ha-HA’’. The
red LED in the centre of the upper dash blinks at approximately 1
second intervals. Question is… IS THIS ARMED?
Attempting to arm the system with my keyfob and that switch turned
to the ‘‘on’’ position, the alarm merely chirps about 4 times ‘‘be-be-
be-beep’’ in sequence, yet the doors do not lock.
I have only one factory IR transmitter fob for the vehicle, also
another key/fob combo that I think is from a later X or S type
(ebayed) that I’d like to program and have a new key cut, if
possible. Would also like to use the designated button to have the
capability to release the trunk latch.
Anyone have success programming a newer fob, or should I re-list it
on eBay?
Has anyone had experience programming a later–
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