[xj40] Turn signal not blinking

Hello everyone,

I have been having intermitant indicator light problems for a
while, so last night I took out all my BFM’s and resoldered them.
They all had broken solder joints, so I was confident that When I
put them back in, everything would work great. After replacing
them, I found that the left hand blinkers wouldn’t blink. if I
push the turn lever down, the light on the dash flashes for a split
second and then goes off. The right hand side works, but only for
five flashes, and then stops. I though there must still be
something wrong with my BFM’s, and so started taking them out and
checking to see if anything changed. I now have all of them out,
and am still having the same problem. I have checked all the
fuses, and they all are fine. I am afraid that it must be
soemthing to do with the Central Processor. I’m hoping that
someone might have some ideas of things I can check or some way of
diagnosing this probelm.

88 XJ40 Vanden Plas
Spanish Fork / Utah, United States
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