[xj40] what is this (89 xj40)

Reading the various postings about “can I put this radio in, or can I put
this CD rack in the trunk, or how do i hook up my phone” prompts me to ask:

On my 89, on the right side of the trunk behind all the lining material, is
a black electrical cord that looks remarkably like nothing more than a lamp
cord – two bits of insulated wire bonded into a single piece. i can’t
remember precisely where in the back it enters the trunk compartment, but it
appears to be something running from the front. when I’ve had the radio out
I must confess I wasn’t paying attention to see if there were a similar
cord/cable whatever up behind the ski slope. I encountered this cord/cable
when I was fixing a broken antenna or doing something else back on that

Does anyone know what that cord might be for?

With thanks.

Eliot Brenner
Annandale, Va.
89 xj40 at 101,950

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