XJ6 1996 to XJ8 2002

I have just purchased a 2002 xj8, it has sat nav built in - is this simply sat nav prep or should it work, do I need to do something or add something to get it working does anyone know please…it also has all of the necessary buttons for phons, again is this phone prep and what do I have to do to get it working thanks in advance Tony

It will only have nav if there is dvd drive above the cd changer.

It will only have phone if there is a phone in the arm rest.

Thank you Andy

Is there anything i can buy to adapt them to work do you know ? Cheers

There is no phone or extra cassette over the cd player

I would buy an aftermarket Bluetooth phone system.
Wire the audio out and mute wire to the rear of the radio so that the audio comes out the cars speakers

The navigation is quite primitive on these so just use an app on your phone like Waze

I took the whole Motorola system out because it’s analogue not digital AFAIK. So no service is available.

The Nav is way out of date and crude that with so many roads missing it’s not even worth the time it takes to punch in the state, city, etc.

Makes sense thanks Peter

Waze and a magnetic phone holder in the AC vent.