Xj6 front suspension on d project

Hi all,
My project d. has xj6 front suspension. As the front end is so much lighter I have no suspension travel,
spring is way too stiff. Don’t want to use spacers to push the lower pan downwards.
Any experience out there on using a softer spring from another vehicle?
I would have thought this to be a common problem on various replicas/kit cars using jag front end, but unable to source this info.
Thanks guys.

Hi Kevin…what do you mean the front end is so much lighter?..dont you have a 4.2 engine in there…what front suspension do you have a photo would be great…is it coil over shocks?..what manufacturer D is it…Steve

No manufacturer, home build, standard xj6 front suspension, not coil over.
(Standard springs 600lb)
Engine 2.4 jag used due to clearance issues.
Mk2 2.4 front springs might be worth a go.

Hi Kevin…the Realm D type and some others that are based on xj6 parts dont use much of it for the front suspension…only the upright/stub axel and upper wishbone. …lower wishbone is MK2 then they use a coil over shock. …which would be ideal for you as you can use a shock/spring to suite…Steve

Cheers Steve, will look into it.