XJ6 interior pieces

List: I am reinstalling the 71 XJ6 interior pieces. Right now I’m working on the drivers side footwell I have 3 remaining pieces but cannot seem to connect them with the remaining in covered areas. I have all front seat carpet in place.


Lou the middle piece goes under the dash (fascia) I believe. Slot is for the choke.

The top piece looks like it goes vertically, forward of the front door. The vinyl part fits under the furflex on the A-pillar. The notch might be to clear the fresh air vent. Don’t know about the bottom piece.

In fact, I’m not sure at all about the upper two. Good luck!

I agree about the upper two. Could the bottom one run alongside the transmission tunnel?

Does on a MK2, can’t say for XJ6 as our carpets have been replaced.