XJ6 power rack and pinion steering unit into a Jag Mk2

I’m new to the forum.
I have an XJ6 power steering unit that I want to fit to my Mk2 2.4.
Are there any instructions available to help me do this myself, please?

I’m not aware of any printed instructions for this conversion. Mine was done by a British car shop in California who supplied the mounting bracket and I supplied the ZF rack that was used on a late XJS. XF racks have proven to be more robust and leak proof that the earlier Adwest ones in my experience. The steering column had to be shorted slightly to mate to the rack tower. I continued to use the stock Holburn Eaton pump driven from the back of the generator but new hoses had to be made up to be compatible with the rack. Any hydraulic shop should be able to do the hose work. My car is a 3.8S, LHD. To get accurate responses you might want to update your information to indicate your location in the world. since this is a worldwide forum.

Agree, I never found any written instructions. After lots of searches I settled on the kit from M&C Wilkinson, which is based on an XJ rack and pinion. The kit comes with two mounting brackets for the front subframe and an electric hydraulic pump. The tie rod ends need to be shortened, and as John has noted the steering column needs to be modified. Components from Borgesen are useful here to avoid welds in the steering column. Search this forum and there is a lot of discussion that will help pull a picture together. And things like bump steer and Ackerman angles to be cautious about. Cheers, Phil

John, I fabricated a bracket for an XJ6 rack (I believe it is an earlier one) Not too hard using the mounting points for the old system (Marnes?) The xj rack has only two mounting points. You need to shorten the tie rod ends.
In my case there was a lot of experimenting with correct spacing before having the bracket welded up.

I have the subframe out from under the car and if you send an email address, i’ll try to take some photos and forward the same.

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Thanks John.
I have done some more research and found three different conversion kits available -
S and G Barrett - they advertise the kit on their website but their are no diagrams, pictures or instructions, but if you email them they will send both.

M and C Wilkinson - you get a photo of the kit which has an electric hydraulic pump system. There is an excellent fitting description by someone who has fitted one at - valvechatter.us/?p=2313

XKS do vitually the same kit but it is powered by the stock dynamo/pump and stock reservoir. You can see this at - https://xks.com/i-6917057-jaguar-rack-pinion-power-steering-conversion-kit-34-4001.html

This XKS is the one I want to fit (I think). Anyone know what the pro’s and con’s are between the three?
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Thanks, Phil. I’ll do some more research.

Thanks, George,
I bought a number of steering bits for a Mk2 on eBay. Amongst them, I have now found out is the brackets. XJ steering rack and some of the pipe work from an M&C Wilkinson kit which is pretty much the same as the XKS kit, except that the XKS kit runs from the original dynamo pump. I’m going to try this first unless anyone on the forum has a better idea.

I’m using the original PS pump with the rack. More than enough pressure.
good luck!