XJ6 Series 1 Door Trim and Armrests

Hi all, first time on the forum ,I have recently aquired a XJ6 Series 1 -1973 in pretty good shape ,Internally every arm rest pulls up and off if your not careful , is there a retaining clip associated with these ,I ve yet to start on the interior however its getting close.

Hi Craig,
The armrests have pins with heads on them, a bit like a flat head nail. These fit into keyhole type slots in the door and there are 2 ( I think) small black selftapping screws at the bottom of the armrest that then stop it from lifting up and falling out of the slots. Sometimes ( often) these slots have “pulled out” making it difficult to seat the pins into them, You may need to remove the entire door trim and hammer the slots flat again; dolly or similar solid flat, hard object behind and flatten out with a panel hammer or the like. Nothing too difficult.

Adding to Kevin’s, Craig; you push the top of the armrests forwards (or backwards?) to get the pin to the keyhole - then lift. And reverse the operation to replace…

A hefty push may be required…:slight_smile:
xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

I think you push them down, if you pushed them up there would be downward pressure ( shear) on the small screws at the bottom of the armrest and the edge of the armrest itself and natural movement when opening\closing the door would put downward pressure. Best that effort was directed at seating the armrest.

Cheers Gents ,I will let you know how I go …