XJ6 series 1 stereo upgrade

Just a quick post to let everyone know how the stereo upgrade went, fitted JBL 9”x6” rear parcel shelf speakers and 4” JBL front door speakers ,Caliber RMD 120DAB-BT (classic retro look ) I have to say that as much of a pain it was to install the results are amazing! crystal clear sound classic retro look and I even put some nice Jaguar badges over the JBL badges on the speakers for more authenticity :rofl: the results were better than I hoped for .


Need the pictures.



Wow! That is a great job. Bravo, Mark.

Shall we assume the Kent alloy wheels hanging on the wall came from this car after being replaced by wire wheels? Also, do the wire wheels on this car ‘bolt on’ or do they actually have splined hubs? In any case, car looks fabulous.
Mel R

What a beautiful car! Do I see part doeskin and part biscuit? Please tell us about the sunroof. Is it original? Magnificent!

Car is a 1973 S1 4.2 auto I imported it from New Zealand to the UK has only done 36k miles black with ivory leather .and not a drop of rust anywhere ! The Kent alloys did come with the car but the bolt on wire wheels just sets off the classic looks I think ! The sunroof was added in the 80’s I am not a fan but I’ve got used to it and it serves a purpose .

Attached a couple more pics

Thanks! My USA model is also a 73, but came with much added pollution equipment under the bonnet, plus ugly front bumper guards. All gone now. If you look at the second photo in your original post, it appears that the seats are not the same colour as the door panels. Your later post shows that they are. Ivory you say? Not sue that was available here. We had biscuit (ADE) and doeskin (AEE) most predominantly.

Hi Robert

The US cars did have some funny safety measures added which I never did understand ! The original colour of the seats were biscuit or beige as you say but this was changed to ivory/cream as it just suits the car better also the carpets were also matched to cream . I don’t know how the values of these cars are doing in the states but here in the UK the values are going up fast and good cars rarely come up for sale ! I think people have finally realised just how good these cars are and that there is not much out there to match the comfort and styling of a 50+ year old car that you can easily use as a daily driver.

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Presume this will be an NZ assembled car? If so it will have a car number something like KZ385 6-73N, with KZ being the numerical place in the series, 6-73 being the month and year of manufacture and N being for Nelson, where the cars were assembled.

Hi Dave
You obviously know your cars ! In the uk they are referred to as a knock down ,there were 4x Jaguar plants building the cars with thousands of staff very organised and the cars were no different to the UK cars but I think the colour choices were a bit different. I have owned a lot of Jags in my time but this car is by far the best and when I say zero rust anywhere not even the slightest surface rust which has to be unheard of for a 50yr old car .

Hello, please tell me the wheel size and brand of rims. This is important to me, thank you!