XJ6 series 3 emblem or motif fasteners

Does anyone know if the plastic fasteners for the fender leaper emblems are still available or an alternative I could use? I removed one emblem and the fasteners are in need of replacement. Thanks

Emblem cement. Try Eastwood Products…

The V8 under the XJ6 emblem on my car’s boot ledge is attached in that manner.

Thanks Carl for the suggestion. There’s a rubber gasket behind the emblem, so I’m not sure if that would work.

I actually found them @ terrysjag.com. They don’t have the emblems anymore but they do have the fasteners for them. They were only a dollar something a piece.

So you mean you mounted that V8 under your hood with emblem cement, Carl? :wink: … just kidding!

But yes, if you don’t care about the paint modern glues will keep gasket and emblem in place longer than the fender takes to rust through, I suppose. But as long as the pins of the emblems are still in place, I’d go for the standard fasteners as well.

The usual suspects should still carry them if your originals are beyond rescue or lost. And you’ve found them already, XJ6Sovereign … simple names help communication a lot, BTW:-)



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Thanks for the diagram Jochen. That is the Jaguar # BD 26989 that Terry’s Jaguar uses too and they call them a Friction Bush. The are $1.26 each which I thought was very reasonable and they don’t have a minimum dollar amount for your order. So if anyone is in need of these this is a good place to buy them.