Xj6 series lll parts! Engine parts body ETC

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Xj6 engine, cat box exhaust parts, piston with .com rods. cam.shafts,crank, series one heads need rebuild probably have 2. series 3 glass all, doors, interior parts for cash instruments etc. Trip meter also. Ask if you need part not looking to make loads of money just what you can offer! Don’t try stupid prices thou I’m not a mug lol just trying to clear some space cheerd

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Also transmissions for series one and two with brackets torque converter lines flex plate one life weight.

Hi Sawyer
Don’t suppose you have the wiring loom for the fuel injection and ignition in good condition? If so could you give me a asking price and cost to send to Adelaide Australia?
PS Sorry for XJ6 4.2litre

I will look normally there brittle get back to you soon cheers

Injector wires are ok ignition wires are brittle! Let me know what you need it for hours missing? You can refurbish them or I’m sure someone knows where to buy new?

Thanks for the pic. The ignition wires were the ones I was particularity interested in. I’ll give it a pass thanks. I can refurbish mine as they look about the same.
Thanks Again

I see Strombergs:.was this a carburetted XJ6?

Just get same colour codes wire solder.And heat shrink think it’s 16gauge.

Paul those carbs from series one xj6. Have 3 sets

Do you have the wheel center caps for kent wheels? thanks!!