XJC RestroMod by Carlex Design Studio

Found this in one of my Google curated feeds…

I would say lumps, by the way “Saloons” is for classic 60’ saloons, XJ is from a later periode.

Thanks, I should have realised that… I’ll see if I can move it

I‘ve vented in #xj - everything about it is bad as far as I‘m concerned.


I’d have to say:
all kinds of cars for all kinds of people.
For me I strongly prefer the sedan to the 2 door model.
The styling of the series II is among the best ever created
But if I was limited to the Jaguar engine I’d probably get a Toyota Camry.

To look at the build quality of this car I’d be willing to bet it goes way deep and into many places not seen by the casual public observer.
The talent/ability and hours of practice to achieve this build is amazing.
The ability to make money doing this type of work attracts me also.
All that being said I’d prefer a stock series II (with the Chevy) and painted a factory type of color and quality. I’d be embarrassed to drive this car, let alone own it.
Again, 'all types of cars for all types of people

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