Xjs 1991 exclamation mark and abs lights

Hello everyone! hope you all well and having fan;)
i’m sure you can help me with my question) i have the exclamation mark and ABS light coming up on dash when i’m braking. Someone told me that exclamation mark because i’m low on brake fluid, but on the brake fluid reservoir on MAX
i have no idea where to look , i will bleed the brakes tomorrow maybe air in the system
Look forward to hear from you :slight_smile:
Thank you

If your fluid level is up, then you may have a faulty level sensor - possibly saturated or dirty contacts - check the electrical schematic to determine if the light will go out when you disconnect the wiring harness - Tex.

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Also- does ABS pump run? At start the red and amber lights should be on as pump runs, You should hear pump - and lights out (amber first?) as pump builds press. If pump doesn’t rum, you have only 1/2 the breaks. If pump OK, then level/ switch as above. Even with failed brain you would have good, non ABS. In short term I’d jump out level switch to test in short term. If pump not operating car not that drivable.

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thank you for reply guys!!! i’m really sorry i actuality have anti lock light on, not ABS sorry my bad was on hurry.
and i could not bleed rear left brake calliper because there no bleed nipple. (SNAPED) I assume in there air in rear brake system that’s why light on ? Is any change i can take rear brake callipers off, without taking whole rear suspension off? and i will try to drill out half of the nipple and replace it ) Bleed the brakes properly and should be fine)


Anti-lock equals ABS…

With bleeding nipple snapped off - it would be wise to replace both with a set of reconditioned calipers. Same workload. May seems more expensive now, however still - will bring benefits in the closest future.