Xjs cruise control

Can anyone tell me if a 1988 XJS 5.3L V12 would have had cruise control as standard?
Or was it an optional extra maybe?


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Thanks a lot. Would you know if it is the type with the large bellows say 5” In diameter?
I haven’t got access to the car. Simply the engine which now has the 6.0 litre “ throttle wheel spider”

LOL Palmdude … good idea on how to get those “too short” replies posted nevertheless … I was always just adding “!!!” :+1:

That I don’t know. As some point it changed to a different type with a ball chain connected to the turntable, but I dunno when it changed. I would guess it was later, though, and that an '88 would still have the large bellows.

Right. The change was circa 1991-1992