XJS exhaust system - it's 2019... any new sources?

(Peter) #1

Noting the earlier comments (2014?) on the subject of XJS exhaust systems I was wondering if any new suppliers/solutions had arrived in the interim. I have a 1992 XJS V12 (convertible) w/ 29k on the odo and the center portion of the exhaust system will require replacing soon. Not up on all the lexicon but basically, the two center “design to fail” sections (one per side, under the seats) are what I’m talking about. Perhaps I should leave well enough alone and simply replace the two thru pipe sections but…

Instead of just replacing those 2 sections I’ve heard there’s a longer straight through piece for each side which eliminates one of the mid mufflers, giving a throatier sound to this otherwise silent creature. Baltimore, MD based so if there’s a mid-Atlantic expert, I’m sure I’ll be in touch for other odds and ends. Thanks! [peterbbell@gmail.com]

(Doug Dwyer) #2

AJ6 Engineering in the UK offer some exhaust options for the XJS, including (I think) muffler eliminator pipes. I’m sure a couple outfits in the USA offer XJS exhaust systems…but I’m on my first cuppa coffee and can’t remember the names. All that stuff is ungodly expensive, IMO.

If you just want to eliminate mufflers, though, your local muffler shop can fix you up very easily. Seek out a shop that specializes in custom/hot rod/specialty exhaust fabrication. Their work is usually more sanitary.


(Peter) #3

Thanks Doug, I’m one cup ahead of ya! :wink: The one man shop I’m using (he’s been working on Jags for 30+ years) made the suggestion re an alternative but at the same time, warned against the local muffler shops as their designs would invariably obstruct access to something they were otherwise unaware of. His experience, anyway. He didn’t have the name handy but said there was a bolt in solution that was perfect. But failing in that, you’re right… replacing the 2 center bits is quick, easy and cheap… sometimes the best way to go! Thanks again. peter

(Steve) #4

A few years ago I spent a lot of time (and money) on the exhaust system for my 6.0L (which is somewhat different from the 5.3L with regard to downpipes and middle section).

From what I remember, everything out there that claims to be bolt-on is NOT – it turns out all custom system require minor, and sometimes not so minor, modifications.

AJ6 Engineering, a name that was already brought up, used to offer the SS exhaust but the price is indeed steep and shipping to the US makes it even more so.

Good luck finding a good fabricator.

(BobPhx) #5

I had mine built to go under the back suspension. It’s been several years, but it was about $1100 all in with new cats and mufflers. I am in the throes of a rear diff swap, but here are a couple of pics of it off the car. Find a reputable local shop and have them build what u want. “Bolt-on” seldom is. My .02.

(Peter) #6

Thanks Bob… I think I’m being talked out of it… :joy:

(Peter) #7

Thanks Steve… you guys are talking me out of this … which may be just fine! After all, it was never really intended to be a loud car, right? Thanks for the info! peter

(John) #8

I have bought stainless steel downpipes and straight pipes that go on each side of transmission for my cat delete project fromse guys: https://simplyperformance.com
Haven’t installed them yet, but the quality looks good.

(Paul Wigton) #9

45+ years sgo, I quickly figured out that if an aftermarket exhaust system (or damn near any other piece of kit) claimed it was “ bolt-in,” you’d never go broke betting against that statement.

The one exception I found was a German company, name something like “Stahlflex.”

(Peter) #10

Thanks John, I’ll give em a look!

(phillip keeter) #11

Though not for a Jaguar, I did find an after market system, headers, exhaust pipes and mufflers, that fit my car perfectly. The car was a 1940 Ford Flathead V8 and the company was “Reds”. I do not know if they do systems for Jaguars or not.

(Dave Dickerson) #12

I have the opposite problem of Peter Bell. My '94 XJS is too loud with failed aft mufflers. If Peter is watching- too little noise beats an obnoxious droan all day. I have tried an internet replacement and a local muffler shop with a very minor improvement. The original equipment is so narrow to fit the space and so long to efficiently quiet the exhaust that both attempted solutions are inadequate. I will check with AJ6 Engineering, Reds and Stalflex, but I thought as long as I was already here I would ask if any other source discoveries have been uncovered since the last post.
Thanks! Dave Dickerson

(Peter) #13

Dave, thanks for the post. Ive received the thru system for the rear mufflers from England but haven’t had time to install them yet. No worries, I’ll hang on to my mufflers either way… I might not like the new sound.

(John) #14

SNG Barratt sells a very nice stainless exhaust made coincidentally by… Bell Exhaust. I’ve purchased several over the years and found them to be dead nuts bolt on except for the header pipes (not included) which required a spreader to install.

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(Peter) #15

I’ve only purchased the delete rear mufflers section and I got those from www.simplyperformance.com in England. They’ll be installed this week and, if they’re too loud, I’ll put the mufflers back on. This all started because I needed to replace the intermediate sections. My 1992 xjs v12 has 30k on the odo and I’m getting it ready for a road trip from Baltimore to Montreal in a few weeks… part back roads, part interstate over a 4 day weekend. Everything looks to be in great shape but I’ll be sure to keep my AAA card current! :joy:

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #16

In the past, we’ve had several members report that deleting the rear mufflers was a mistake. If you’re looking for a nice exhaust note, they recommended deleting the front mufflers.

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(Peter) #17

Kirbert… well then, a big “whoops” for me, wot !?! Following my mechanics recommendations on this one… and he’s 50 something so I’d hope well out of his teens, so to speak. But “stay tuned” if it’s too loud I certainly won’t want to be spoiling the peace and tranquility of the Adirondacks or Montreal in a few weeks :slight_smile: I’m taking it in this afternoon… anything I should have him specifically look for, you know, the things that keep triple A in business?

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #18

I’ve got a book full of such suggestions!

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #19

It’s been a few years, but my recollection is that it wasn’t a loudness issue. It was just that it didn’t sound good. It was removing the front mufflers that resulted in a pleasant purr.

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #20

You might want to note that many of us prefer the sound of leaving the exhaust system unmodified but to modify the air intakes to allow the intake sound to escape. You can test this option easily: Unscrew the temp sensor in the B bank intake horn, connect it back to the harness, and tie it down in the engine compartment somewhere. Then take both air filter covers off and set them aside. Tie the air filters to the inner housings with some baling wire or something. Fire that mutha up and take it for a drive. If you like what you hear, there are several ideas for making that sound permanent.

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