XK 120 Soft Top (Hood) slight wrinkles

After hours of work I have reached the finishing point of installing my new mohair soft top (hood) which has gone fantastically well. The kit was from Aldridge Trimming and has fitted like a glove with a couple of minor problems. I followed John Brady’s guide which I found to be very detailed and easy to interpret with a few minor differences, mainly the importance of getting critical points located and fixed in place accurately like the corner at the back, top edge of the door and the rear window panel alignment at the top.
I have one small problem left, there are some minor wrinkles in the mohair just above the doors on both sides, no amount of pulling and tensioning will remove them. Having used steam very successfully to remove wrinkles on the new leather of the seats my question is, “Is it safe to use steam on Mohair and is it a good idea?”
Does anyone have any opinion or experience?


I think someone answered your question in a different thread

Thanks Nick, that answers that, I’ll turn the steamer on!