XK 140 Boot lid not releasing both sides

My 140 ots boot lid wont open one side it releases on the offside but not the near side. Pushing the seats forward i can see the catch but not reach it, Has anyone encountered this in an XK and if so how did you overcome the problem, its not as easy as it seems.

There are 2 cables going to the latches,
They can break, but they are on the inside of the cover, very hard to reach.
I think the best way is to make a long rod, with a small hook on the end,
and try to get it to unlock.

Thankyou yes i have a rod but couldnt engage it with anything will try again. As you point out the cable is under the boot cover.

In my experience you will need to remove the trim board on boot lid to access the mechanism that controls the wires. You can then adjust to ensure it all works correctly.

thankyou its a bit difficult to remove the panel when the lid is shut tight one side.

Apologies I clearly didn’t read your original post correctly