XK-140 MC Wiring Redo

Hi all. I am restoring a 1955 XK-140 MC that was damaged by vandals while I was in hospital/rehab for some time. Have much of it done but have stopped at re-installing replacement original-type wiring. Although I though I had documented everything sufficiently, I am having some difficulty determining routing, connector block locations/fastening and equipment locations. I have tried local help but not successful I could really use some photos or routing information. I do have multiple wiring diagrams. Most of problem is in engine compartment and routing of main harness. Thank you. Take care.


This was created for XK120.
I don’t know if XK140 may be somewhat similar.
Failing that, there is a book on the market called XK140 Explored by Bernard Viart and Roger Payne.

You might find it here?

Thanks Rob. I’ll take a look. Thanks