XK 2011 Headlight Adjustment

How do I adjust the left (driver’s side headlights) on a 2011 US Jag XK? My left headlight was damaged in a minor accident in which the fender had to be replaced. The accident did not damage the headlight but caused the two mounting brackets to pull away from the headlight casing. They were glued back into place, but now the headlight beam is quite a bit lower than the right headlight. The right headlight appears to be correct.

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Try this knob.

Not guaranteeing its the correct one but worth a try.


Thank you for the reply. Neither my left nor right headlight have either aperture shown in the picture. There has to be some way to adjust the headlight, but nothing is obvious to me.

I finally found how to adjust the 2011 headlights. There are two plastic fixtures that take an Allen wrench on top of the headlight case near the back. One is on the left back top of the headlight case and the other is on the back of the headlight case but on a lower surface near the radiator. Turing the top one adjusts the headlight bulb fixture left and right and turning the other one moves the headlight bulb fixture up and down. Very straightforward to do.