XK 8 wiring problem?

Hi, I live in New Zealand and have just purchased a1997 XK8,when I turn the key off my clock stops and trip computer doesn’t hold it’s memory, only the fuel distance left remains. Any help would be appreciated,Thanks in advance.

Kia Ora,
Oh good, another new problem.

The tried and true first step is to check the battery. All the electronics in these cars will go strange before the battery is too week to crank the engine properly.

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Hi Grahame, The car has a brand new battery fitted about 2 months ago and the problem was there previous to it being replaced.Cheers John.

The next thing is to look for ground problems.

The Major Instrument pack has two B+ supplies. One a standing supply and the the other is ignition switched. It may be you are missing the standing supply. The supply appears to be looped through the Major Instrument pack to the Minor Instruments.
The standing supply comes via Fuse 18 in the Driver’s Side Fusebox. I’d start there.

Hi Eric I will start there. Cheers John.

Grahame I will check out the earths.Many Thanks John.

Hi Eric, I replaced #18 fuse and it fixed the problem,so thanks for the advice.Cheers John.

Hi Eric, you maybe able to help me with another problem? My remote works on the doors,boot,headlights etc.but only if the remote is within a inch of the rear window sensor. I have replaced the 2 batteries,and cleaned all the internal contacts in the remote.Thanks in advance for any help.Cheers John.

Sounds like the chip in the remote is dying. My experience is some smart phone repair shops can repair remotes. It would be a matter of pull n plug.

Glad you got the other problem fixed. XK8 remotes are not known for their long range but if you have one where you have to get really close up, you need to find out if the car is deaf or the remote is dumb.

The easiest way to do this is with the second remote, if you have it. If the second one works from longer range then the one in question has a weak radio signal. The circuitry is similar to the S Type and I had this problem with both remotes. Turned out the be the receiver in the driver’s door. Can’t really offer any other suggestions other than have you made sure that battery contacts are clean and bright.

Thanks Eric,I only have 1 remote, so I will try a smart phone / remote repair shop and see if they can help.Cheers John.