[xk] At the Show

Good Morning,

Four hundred cars at the show yesterday…Private show…Great
selection of cars…I had the only three Jaguars there plus a
pretty customized MK V, with a Corvette engine, Mustang
suspension…,owned by a local radio/tv celebrity. This is the
first year and will now be an annual show.

The three cars I showed there were picked by a professional
photographer for photo shoots this coming week for next year
calendar issues. It felt kinda nice to be asked and I was happy to
oblige. A lot of great compliments; to me, the best feeling is to
know that underneath the cars is as good or even better that the
outside appearance.

My secretary is ill today and she promised me that some of my
pictures will be on the Jag-Lovers by noon tomorrow, I will post
when it’s done.

Thanks to all who helped me with the restoration of the 120, you
were a great help. THANKS

Best Regards,

Marcel LeHouillier S674501–
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