[xk] BW Auto Transmission numbers for MARV

Hey Marv -
Honestly, I think that you first asked me for these numbers about
three years ago when I first bought my xk140 FHC. Yesterday, the
engine sat in the chssis with GREAT starting potential after being
neglected for 30 years!

There is a plate on the side back of the transmission that is
blue. The numbers state DG 250 MJ with the serial #4539. There
is a number on the torque converter that is invisible unless the
unit is disassembled. This is stamped on the front of the TC
towards the engine side. The numbers there are 36967 BWA (borg
warner automatic). If you removed the cover plate that is screwed
to the bell housing, you MIGHT be able to see this number.
However, I did note some smaller stamped numbers in the same
location, but they are quite faint.

I hope this answers your question. If you have any other
questions, I have parts of two auto trannys dis-assembled in my
garage as spares from the PO.
Thanks. Margaret–
1956 XK140 FHC MC automatic
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