[xk-engine] H*elp Needed to Identify Early Jaguar Engine

This is from one of the E-type listers. Just send your responses directly
to him.
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Subject: [E-Type] H*elp Needed to Identify Early Jaguar Engine

I have been on the list for a fairly short time and have been amazed at
amount of knowledge and skills demonstrated by the listers.

I have had a disassembled 3 1/2 litre Jaguar engine in my garage for
many years. As usual, the PO didn’t know what it came out of. It appears
to be a very early engine as it has the “smooth” valve covers (no bolt
holes over the cam sprocket
area) and the cast aluminum oil sump has the oil sender provision.

The engine # stamped on the block is 4449-8, casting # C4820. The
number stamped on the head is W4449-8, the casting # on the head is
XK774 C2242 (the last 2 is not distinct). Can anyone identify this
engine for me?


The description matches Xk engines made in 1948 and 1949, I am sure that you
have one of the originals Ram damodar Bangalore India_________________________________________________________________
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