[xk] Fw: Trivia X 2

A friend is restoring a 120 FHC, Chassis # S680243. The car still had its
original interior and revealed a couple of unique/original features.

1. The car has neither windshield washers nor an oil level element but 

there is still a hole in the (wood) dash where the switch, for one or the
other, should be. The car is not wired for the oil level switch and
there’s no oil level sender on the sump. There is also NO indication that
a switch was ever present in the hole in the dash.

Some basic research reveals the following:

Service Bulletin #115 announces the installation of Windshield Washers on
FHC 680271 (+167-169);
28 numbers after the subject car’s chassis #.

Earlier, SB #112 indicates that the Oil Sump Element was eliminated on
Engine # W6149 and future.

This rather confirms that there were probably a few FHC’s whose engines no
longer had Oil Sump Elements but that did not yet have Windshield Washers.
With the reputation of using what was already on hand, Jaguar Ltd. likely
did not modify any of the original dash panels and, therefore, a few cars
ended up with an empty switch hole in the wood dash. That hole was likely
covered by some sort of cover or plug; Has anyone ever seen one?

  1. A second unique feature is that the interior covering, against the
    firewall (both on the driver and passenger sides), was hardura vice wool

Has anyone ever seen another FHC with hardura, vice wool carpet, covering
the firewall?

Dick Cavicke

Dick that is unique for sure. Have never seen or heard of one like that.
Thanks for the input
Ernie Wagner
FHC 1952