XK Gearbox O-ring part number, please

Please advice, I need the XK Gearbox O-ring seal part number for the O-ring shown on the attached picture with the arrow.
Or dimensions please, it looks flatter than O-ring, so might be other shape than O.

The O-ring was not included to the gasket set supplied by the UK XK specialist supplier.

The gearbox is original XK120/140 gearbox.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards Hannu

It looks like it is C.4284 for the rear of the reverse spindle on a JL gearbox.

In J.8 page 25C it’s listed as “Ring, Sealing (Cord)” which makes me doubt I am correct.

I searched the part number on the forum and there’s a discussion about a leak which may be of use.

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Your tailcase casting is not for an XK120. It appears to be for a Mark VII.
The serial number will be a JL or SL but there is no rear mounting on it.
In any case, Jason is correct that the part number of the o-ring is C.4284 and an ordinary rubber o-ring should work. Your old one is distorted from age and being confined in there.

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