[xk] Jaguar's Claude Baily - XK to quad-cam V12

I have already posted this link on the E-Type Forum but, as
I seem to be a bit of a nomad (no forum for my own personal
Jaguar project) I shall also post it here. I would
appreciate any collective knowledge/additions/recollections
to help me in my research.

I have been gradually sifting through my most recent
acquisition - a collection of personal files from the late
Claude Baily of Jaguar. Baily, as many of you will already
know, was one of the prime architects of the legendary XK
engine as well as the quad-cam V12.

I have just posted some hitherto unknown and unpublished
material relating to the XK and later V12. I hope you find
it of interest.

http://www.XJ13.eu, XJ13 in-progress, 1962 S1 FHC
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