[xk] Le Mans

I’m watching it too…brings back memories when we went in 96. My friend
worked on the Lister team which used the Jag V12 engine. Half of
Britian must pile on ferries and camp out at Le Mans. Street driven D
and C types, GT40’s, Bugatti’s, etc in the parking lot. If you like it,
plan to go. The only place where they have a Rotary Club on the inside
of the track where we had a sitdown lunch. Grand Marnier also had a
crepe stand. The food was incredible, great wine…all at the track.
anyone who wants to go…I’m with you. Let me be your tour guide. let
me know I’m there… go Bentley… I know it’s a R8 Audi… but it
probably has Connelly leather… Let’s also give a hand to the gang at
Speedvision. They have done Daytona, Sebring and now Le Mans…live
coverage. john shuck