[xk] Leather gaiters

Could someone tell me, from their experience, which company
produces the best example of the leather gaiters for the
rear springs for a XK120
Part numbers C.3877 and C.3878
Regards, Jordy
FHC 669181–
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There is a company in UK producing spring gaiters. They claim
some sort of Patent rights but one wonders whether this is in
fact true,as the original patents would have now long expired
and the cost of renewing them world wide would hardly seems
economically sensible.
In any case the ones used on jaguars were not of that style. I
was fortunate to buy a MK VII which still had the remains of
the originals.
I bought cheap leather as one doesn’t need upholstery grade
and cleaned my springs up and had the trimmer sew some up.
The originals were laced up underneath with a ’ tongue’ . Much
like a shoe. Fortunately , exactly the same hooks are still
sold as well as the leather lacing. Lefflers in Melbourne would
be your closest supplier.
They also sell a device that ’ rivets’ the hooks into the
leather. I recall the CJA N&TB had a how to article about

As an aside [ for the industrial strength pedant] I looked up
old sales brochures and pre war, jaguar listed the brand maker
of the gaiters.
Quikfix being the brand and I managed to find delightful the
small Quickfix brand brass plate. Oval in shape similar to the
Lucas plates on Lucas special equipment models.

Unlikely to be seen under an XK but quite visible on SS1 and
SS100s. So I had a batch etched.

I can send you some pics of a set I have that haven’t yet been

And making them yourself is alot cheaper than the kings ransom
being asked from UK.–
The original message included these comments:

Could someone tell me, from their experience, which company
produces the best example of the leather gaiters for the
rear springs for a XK120

Ed Nantes SS
Melbourne, Australia
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I installed new leaf springs many years ago - my solution may be viewed
here: http://users.gmavt.net/dcunning/g.htmOn 7/3/2016 11:28 PM, Jordymk5 wrote:

Could someone tell me, from their experience, which company
produces the best example of the leather gaiters for the
rear springs for a XK120
Part numbers C.3877 and C.3878
Regards, Jordy
FHC 669181

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Bruce C;
Everytime I see your XK’s Leather Gaiters pictures, I’m
fascinated about how you got them so “form fitted”… they
almost look like a long black rubber sleeves that are stretched
over each leaf spring half…
One helluva job… to say the least!!
Charles #677556.----- Original Message -----
From: “Bruce Cunningham”

I installed new leaf springs many years ago - my solution may be viewed
here: http://users.gmavt.net/dcunning/g.htm

I’m back with the same question.
SNG Barrett’s have a set available but with the following comment.
Product Code:


Part Type:


Leather spring gaiter kit. XK120/140 CAR SET NB. This kit is only suitable for later replacement springs not original springs.

What would later replacement springs be and why would these be different to originals???
Anyone had any experience with these leather gaiters?
Regards, Graham.

I have the SNG B gaiters on my 1953 OTS, with replacement springs. They look fine (photo attached) and survived the XK70 tours last year plus various other tours this year.
I’m currently deep in to my SS100 #

39064 and plan to use gaiters which I will have to have made. I do have some of Ed’s brass labels. Dave

Possibly SNG may be referring to the change in the XK120 springs, the later version having thicker leaves making them a bit stiffer.
But the parts catalogue does not give any change in the gaiter part numbers. XK140 uses the same two parts.
Or possibly SNG are aware that reproduction spring leaves are not rounded and tapered on the ends.

I have taken the gamble and ordered some from SNG so will find out first hand if they fit or not.
Just happened that I needed some other items from them so wanted to make the most of the freight costs.
Will post the outcome.
Cheers, Graham

I am also in the market for spring gaiters for my 120 projects.
the ones from the uk company are very expensive . the replacement springs which I purchased from Jones springs are real nice with tapered and rounded ends like originals. Tadek used the ones from Tracy and had good luck with them.
Graham , I am curious to see how the SNG gaiters work out


So am I - I bought springs and gaiters together, so I’m hoping they work. I won’t be fitting mine for a few months yet, though.

There should be no need to spend a lot for gaiters
My Mk VII came still with the factory gaiters and so I used these as patterns to make them for my SS
They certainly weren’t those perfect fitting gaiters Wefco sell ata price, possibly related to pre war RR using them. Bill was smart enough to realise people weren’t going to by more cars because they had flasher gaiters.
The Jaguar ones were lace up on the bottom {obviously so water wouldn’t get in.
The bulges out around the clamps were sewn with the stitching outwards ,showing. More about that ina moment.
They had a grease nipple on top of each half… pretty useless really as the wera is where the leaves rub against each other… on the bottom
Any way I bought a cheap black hide { $100] It doesn’t need to be Connolly. I took it to me trimmer with CLEAN springs and the remnants of the old originals. Firstly , as trimmer often do, He "improved"them reversed stitches so they were on the inside. Very flash but that won’t clear the clamps. So then did them again the original way.
So the total was now $200.
They have a flap under neath and each side has hooks, Exactly the same hooks as use don boots and still available at the local leahter supplier. As was the leather lacing.
The hardest part was punching the holes in each half and harder was using the little press to rivet over the hooks. But after your hand gets very tired you develop a technique involving the vise and a piece of 1/8"steel to keep them nicely aligned.
So years later , they still work well and I still have over half the cheap hide ;left

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Oh , and the only reference I can find to a brand name for gaiters on Jaguars , was a sales brochure for SS listing “Quikfit” brand and found a brass nameplate on ebay.

I don’t know exactly when the lacing changed from leather, but a 1951 Mark VII and my own original 1955 XK140 had a thick Jute string for the lacing. I was able to exactly replicate my original tired XK140 gaitors with a couple original missing fittings robbed from the original Mark VII gaittors.

Refer to Jaguar XK140 EXPLORED where I have fully detailed original XK140 Gaitors, detailing the lacing, lacing pattern, grease Nipples etc.


I don’t suppose there’s a chsnce we know what good the nipples were? On originals I’ve taken off there was just a heap of grease on to , where it was having a relaxing sleep, and none got down to where it was needed.
Still they probably kept the dirt out.
This is the Quickfit badge I found as listed on the Sales Brochure. Of course that was on SS, Who knows about modern Jags.


It’s hard to see purpose of grease Nipples located over flat surface of leaf, not as though it’s going to work it’s way between leaves. I pulled my original springs apart - still in excellent unworn/unsagged condition, thoroughly cleaned them, temporarily reassembled with newly made centre bolts with a taller round head (solves a known problem when wedges are used as in xk140) and painted external surfaces black. Then liberally applied moly grease between all leaves until oozing out other side, so full coverage of wearing surfaces, let it ooze out, fitted new gaiters, with all original Nipples, with no intention of using Nipples to apply additional grease. Should last ok another 50 years, and see me out.



The gaiters on my 1950 Mark V were tied with what looks like the sort of heavy string we used to use for mailing packages, before adhesive tape became common. I think it might have been white when new, though discolored brown from the grease and dirt.

I can’t help thinking our criticism of the grease nipples is colored by our viewing only examples that are decades old and neglected for decades. Our previous owners neglected to follow the instruction in the Service Manual page A28 to lubricate all nipples every month or 2500 miles. I think if the flaps overlap enough and the lacing is tight enough the grease under pressure should work its way around and into the leaves.

What do you all think about the idea of putting the grease nipples on the side? Or what about using oil rather than grease?

For what it’s worth, my Cobra has transverse leafsprings front and rear. These do not have gaiters, but are wrapped in Denso tape, which is waxy and sticky. Before wrapping, the leaves are soaked in a healthy slathering of OGL grease. This is ‘Outside Gear Lubricant’, which is very thick and used on truck fifth wheels. This may be suitable for use inside the gaiters on a Jag, don’t know. I wouldn’t use chassis grease, I think it’s too thin.

Good looking work. Certainly suitable for undergarments. I was planning to ask my good wife to replicate a set from my original pairs but maybe handing them off to a trimmer would be a better idea.

Hang on, are we still talking springs here, or is this Nick’s plans for his next pair of underpants? Bit worrying if you’re having to get quotes, Nick.

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