[xk] "Old Jaguar" stuff, The new SS Book

I bough a copy of Terry McGrath and John Clucas’s book called, The
Forerunners of Jaguar in Australia and SE Asia. Over 400 pages of great B&W photos of
the cars that preceded our XKs. It’s a terrific book with excellent detail on
all of the various deviations of the early Jaguars and SS automobiles. Makes me
REALLY feel bad for not buying a completely original 1948 Mark V DHC with only
9600 miles on it.
I ordered mine directly from Terry in OZ but they have an inventory of
them here in the USA so the postage won’t kill you! Paul Skilleter reviewed the
book and was fascinated by the extraordinary detail. Treat yourself, it’s a
very worthwhile book to own.
Best regards,
Mad Ludwig

Hi “Mad”,
Are you the “repository” for the US inventory? How much does the book
Kind regards,
The Jag Maven

Jag Maven:
No, I only distribute the XK 120 books for Urs Schmid here in the USA and
I know the McGrath - Clucas book is being mailed from the upper Midwest
somewhere BUT I’m not the postman here for those. It’s a great book!
Do contact Terry McGrath and he will fill you in: mcgrath1@bigpond.net.au
Best regards,
Mad Ludwig