[xk] Reporcelainizing Manifolds

Bruce and Others - I have used Prairie Auto Porcelain, 6575 145th St. E,
Northfield, MN 55057 (507 645-5325) for a 120 OTS and 150 FHC with success.
They advertise in Hemmings Motor News.

Delivered price was $235 (USD) per pair to include new stainless steel studs.
I cut my cost by glass beading and smoothing (with a die grinder and abrasive
pads) the surface, removing the old studs and chasing the threads. The
guarantee is 1 year. The refinished manifolds have a high gloss look and,
comparing to unblemished areas of my spares, are equal to the factory

I have been cautioned not to allow water to touch the manifolds when they are
hot. Supposed to be instant cracking. I’m sure there are other equally good
refinishers available. But I will return to these folks since I received good
value, the two-week turnaround was acceptable, and they were pleasant to deal

Bob Oates