Xk Timing Chain Kit

Hi all.
I’m new to the forum having recently acquired a mk2 340 for restoration.
My question is…
Can anyone recomend a supplier of a timing chain kit that is not manufactured with the ‘Rolon’ name attached to it.
I’ve recently bought a kit from a trade supplier who some of the well known jaguar specialists use, and i was surprised when i opened the package to see the Rolon name on all the parts in the kit.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

I think SC parts have alternative to rolon . Also SNG have options, maybe worth giving them a call

Ok Phil.
Thanks for the info. Will give them a call.
I had even thought of re-using the original (see attached photo).

If it were me I would reuse this one, but I don’t know if it is still acceptable regarding the amount of wear. But I would think so.

I’d reuse it, unreservedly, IF the chains were new.

As the chaps have said, nothing wrong with the one you have. no reason to change it.

Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated.
Just as a quick update, i spoke to the supplier of the timing kit this morning, to see if they do an uprated kit, which they do. So a new timing kit will be with me next week. I think it might be a case of picking the best bits from original and new.
Will keep you posted.
Cheers. Tony