[xk] XK Lovers History

Folks, some more Xk Lovers history - those were the days! - - -
Regards, John Elmgreen

XK Lovers history:
April 96 - started by John Elmgreen (4 members)
October 96 - taken over by Dick White (c 64 members)
January 97 - 100 members
April 97 - 134 members
May 97 - taken over by Jag Lovers group.

List of members about the time that Dick White took over:
lots of you guys are still around!

XK group, 16 Oct 96:
Gordon Airs, INTERNET:gordon@airs.demon.co.uk
Peter Bange, 75353.2604@compuserve.com
Tom Barbour, INTERNET:tsbarbour@aol.com
Cleo Bay, INTERNET:cbay@ghgcorp.com
Bruce Baysinger, INTERNET:b_baysinger@msn.com
Ken Boetzer, INTERNET:kboetzer@auspex.com
Malcolm Buckeridge, INTERNET:OKU9@aol.com
James Canedy, internet:jamesc@oasis.novia.net
Dick Cavicke, internet:dikavik@aol.com
Bob Curran, INTERNET:Curranrj@aol.com
Steve DuChene, INTERNET:sduchene@mindspring.com
Brent Eagling, INTERNET:brent@filoli.com
John Elmgreen, 100353.1733@compuserve.com
Jamie Fiffles, INTERNET:REMANKING@aol.com
David & Linda Freeman, INTERNET:dlfreeman@ipa.net
L J Haithcock, INTERNET:haithco@bgsm.edu
Peter Henderson, INTERNET:peterwil@magna.com.au
Larry & Denise Hodson, INTERNET:lwh3419@multiverse.com
Earl Huff, INTERNET:ehuff@tuba.aix.calpoly.edu
Zafar Idham, INTERNET:scikom@ibm.net
Larry Jackson, INTERNET:xk120@aol.com
Simon Johnson, internet:johnsosi@cla.orst.edu
Juan J. Kaltel, INTERNET:jjz@euskaltel.es
Jeff Kelley-Day, INTERNET:saraanni@northcoast.com
Harold Kritzman, INTERNET:coinman1@ix.netcom.com
Andy Leavitt, INTERNET:aleavitt@mail.arc.nasa.com
Ed Mellinger, INTERNET:meed@mbari.org
Bob Mullins, INTERNET:mullinsr@hq.hhmi.org
Dennis Murphy, internet:elgparts@xnet.com
Patrick O’Neil, INTERNET:patrick_o@msn.com
XK150 owner, INTERNET:V145@aol.com
Tony Parkinson, internet:vicarage@ix.netcom.com
Brian Pel, INTERNET:bpel@mccarthy.ca
Jose del Pino, INTERNET:jmpino@lander.es
Mike Plechaty, INTERNET:mikeplechaty@juno.com
David Pritchard, internet:jag-man@msn.com
Rob Reilly, internet:reilly@admail.fnal.gov
Hal Rogers, INTERNET:hdrsons@iamerica.net
Ed Rubacha, internet:erubacha@mail.wesleyan.edu
Charles Sell, internet:sellc@usa.red-cross.org
John Shuck, INTERNET:jshuck25@mailhost.cinet.co.cn
Don Sime, 103234,320@compuserve.com
Neil Skipper, INTERNET:skippena@worldnet.att.net
John Spence, INTERNET:Spence@asu.Edu
Michael Standley, INTERNET:michaelx@ozemail.com.au
John Stanley, INTERNET:elephant@netrunner.net
Don Tracey, internet:dont@echuca.net.au
Arno Wahl, INTERNET:arnowahl@aol.com
Tom Walpole, INTERNET:twalpole@fast.net
Patrick Whaling, INTERNET:whpa@mbari.org
Dick White, INTERNET:white@msgate.Columbiasc.ncr.com
XK120owner, INTERNET:xk12054@aol.com
Dave Young, INTERNET:young@osiris.isys.ca
Zach Zalatel, internet:z@iamug.org
David Ziglin, INTERNET:davidz333@aol.com

George Dodson, INTERNET:dodson@bates.mit.edu
Bill Fair, INTERNET:fairplay@tidepool.com
Ron Gaeta, INTERNET:jumpem@aol.com
Neville Laing, INTERNET:laingfam@mnsinc.com
Klaus Nielsen, INTERNET:nat1kwn@is.ups.com
Roger Puttman, INTERNET:rkputty@mail.eisa.net.au
Nona & Bill Schorse, INTERNET:canoe@onlink.net
Tom Veale, INTERNET:cjpn35a@prodigy.com
Terry K Wagner, internet:dphdcpe@aol.com

DATE: 16-10-96 11:22 PM

January 1997: extract of message from Dick White:
As you may know the list was started in April of 1996 by John Elmgreen with
four members.
The list was manually managed and everyone sent copies of all messages to
all other members. The
list grew to around 60 members and it became difficult to copy everyone.
John was having to send out multiple messages because Compuserve restricts
the copy list to less than 50 people. The list was automated in October
by me using majordomo software. When I turned on the list there were 65
members. In less than 3 months the list has grown to 100 members. The
greatest growth period was late October and November. In December we
to bounce around. We started to have folks who tried us out for a while
then signed off. For every two who signed on one would sign off. Messages
started out at around 5 per day and right now I would guess they are
a little less than 10 per day. Regards, Dick White