XK120, 140 Spats?

I am trying to identify if these are the correct spats for the XK 120, 140 series.
I believe they are for the XK series. Am I correct?
What would these (pair) be valued at if I would offer them for sale?

Thanks, Nick

DSCN5668 (2).JPG

Nick, looks like the right spats for my XK120 and I’m looking for a pair. Do you have a few photos of both side of both spats?

Check on the “back side” (tyre side) of the spat, just to the “front” OR “rear” of the lock…
Stamped onto the flange of the sheetmetal, you should find a six digit number… aka a Chassis Number!
This Chassis Number will not only tell you the specific XK the spats came from, they will also inform you if the XK was either the 120 OR the 140 (did the 150’s have spats?? I know nothing of 150’s!)
Charles Ch #677556.


The rare handful of XK150s that came with steel wheels did have spats. In my lifetime I only recall ever seeing one in Ontario. How are you managing in the Lone Star State at the moment, got power, water?


Chassis number or body number usually only 4 digits

Yes, because the spats were trial fitted to the wings on the completed body, and then were removed to be painted separately; the body number would be used to reunite them. The same scheme was used on Mark V saloon sunroof panels.

Speak of the devil Charles, a recent ‘discovery’ in Scotland, an extremely low mileage, extremely original untouched right-hand-drive XK150, and a 3.8S to boot…

Yeah, we “survived” the “Canadian Influx” of weather ;-} (although the front came-up from Mexico!)
We ended-up with close to eight inches of snow (way not normal for Texas), a week of
below freezing temps and a couple of days of sub-zero temps (-7 & -2) ALSO not normal…
In fact, these temps broke a 100+ year old record!!
But the real pisser was an outfit we call (among other names) “ERCOT”… They are
“suppose” to regulate the electricity to INSURE we do not have power failures… And “how”
does ERCOT do this?? Simple!! They turn off the damned electricity… We got “hit” six times
per day for ninety minutes each time for SIX DAYS Straight!!.. and most of those times were when
we were trying to fix our meals or sleep (I HAVE to have a fan blowing on me to sleep)!!
The up-side is (was?) we have gas heat and our pipes did NOT freeze!
As of today, ALL the snow is gone off the roads and tomorrow (2-21-21) our temps will
move up near 60*F and stay above freezing for the foreseeable future!
I went to “Wally-World” today to do our weekly grocery shopping (usually I go on Wednesdays,
but the snow was too deep!)… That store looked like something out of an “apocalypse” movie! I
mean, empty shelves, people grabbing (and almost fighting over) the last gallon of milk, etc. AND
this particular store decided today was a good day to start re-arranging everything in the damn store!!
Idiots!! They move crap around so you HAVE to “hunt for it”, I guess this causes people to “impulse buy” more stuff than they had planned on buying… Did no good 'cause 75% of the shelves were empty!!
I’m ready for spring!!
Charles Ch# 677556.

Roger P;
For a 150, that ain’t a bad looking car ;-}
I’d be hard-pressed to believe this XK had been stashed in “some barn” for the last fifty+ years…
more like a Temp/Humidity Controlled, hermetically sealed room! ;-} That paint job is WAY too
good looking to NOT have been “cut & buffed” recently…
Still, it’s in a helluva lot better condition than my 120DHC is, at the moment ;-}
Charles Ch# 677556.

Was it in that rusty quonset hut? Does it have drum brakes?

There you go, had never heard of a Quonset Hut…
Quonset sheds are prefabricated huts made from galvanized steel . Their lightweight and durable structures were desirable and commonly used during World War I and World War II in military camps. They could be transported across oceans and easily installed in a matter of days. Quonset sheds were also very durable in tough weather conditions.

But now I know what one is, the answer is NO…

And the answer re DRUM brakes is also NO - it has the expected Disc Brakes, and being a 1960 build XK150S will have the later quick-change pads system…

This car was written up in the latest issue of Philip Porters monthly magazine - XK GAZETTE including superb front cover photo, and is now offered for sale from the Classic Motor Hub at SOLD - JAGUAR XK150 ‘S’ 3.8 LITRE COUPE - The Classic Motor Hub - in UK of course…, but I now see its sold - that was quick…


Nothing to do with Jaguars but have you ever heart about a Nissen Hut instead? I guess that’s the British version of a Quonset Hut and would be more appropriate for Scotland. Bob K.


Nissen Hut is a most familiar term…

When I was a LOT younger, we lived, for two years, in an “Army Air Corps” “Quonset Hut” on the very humid (muggy!!) little island of Guam!! Guam sits on three pillars. During WWII the Japanese “hid” under the island (between the pillars) in their submarines, would sneak out a torpedo passing Warships and troop transports… anyway, Guam shakes a lot, especially during typhoons and earthquakes…
Charles Ch# 677556.