XK120 boot (trunk) bracket

I am partway through restoring my 1951 120 OTS. Last night I was browsing through the forum and noticed some photos inside the boot with some brackets that I don’t have and no sign they were ever there.
There seems to be one bracket either side right behind the battery panel (but in the boot) on either side of the “front of boot floor” (the metal bit) to the inner wheel arch.
Confirmation that these brackets should be there and a few dimension as marked on the attached drawing appreciated.

I, too have a '51 OTS and this is news to me as well.

These are the extra body mounts in later 120 roadster 120FHC and DHC
don’t panic if you have a 51

My Nov 51 FHC does not have them.

I think my 120fhc december 52 has it.

good to know will need to find when it started