XK120 Engine Casting numbers

Good morning to all. I am relatively new to this website, and can also say that i am new to the jaguar world also. I have been in the classic car scene for over 20 years, but although always having a soft spot for jags, i never really came across an opportunity to buy what i wanted, until a few weeks ago that i came across a jaguara 1952 xk120 FHC. thats the model for me.

Well to get to the subject of this post, i have been doing some research about these cars in general, but when it comes to number identification, i still cannot get hold of date for the engine block ‚ÄėCast number‚Äô.
This particular car i have been seeing has a cast number on the block C4820. was this the same to all the xk120 or did they vary also during the years of production. this is very fine detail that many may think is useless thinking, but i would greatly appreciate is someone can help me on this . the engine number on the other hand does match the car. but my concern on this topic is as said before, type of casting numbers over the xk120 production.

Welcome, Mike.
The FHC is also my favorite of the three body styles, though there are of course two other opinions, and the OTS was the best seller.
The first 1011 cars had block C2331, after which all the rest had C4820.
From the XK120 Spare Parts Catalogue:
This publication was issued by the factory and covers most of our detail questions, and was revised several times from 1950 to 1957, but there are still many things not covered, which we often discuss on this forum.
All 120 FHCs had block C4820.
The engine serial number is stamped where the oil filter is attached, and also on the head in front of the front spark plug. But heads were often exchanged for later heads for performance improvements.

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I was unable to find a casting date on my XK120 C4820 block, leading me to surmise it was a practice adopted only later - my E-type engine block clearly features a casting date.

Thanks very much Rob for the detailed reply…it was the exact info i was looking for. Much appreciated!

Same as you, i think the FHC is lovely, the curved cabin gives it such a sporty look …in my opinion… obviously the other two models are not less!..actually if some day i had to add another jag to my garage it would be an OTS. maybe someday!

il keep you updated on the FHC project!

WELCOME ! to this Forum…visit often and ask a lot…and…use the search magnify lass at top right…to access topics in the archives…many hours of superb info…also just scroll down…thru the posts…The engine number is on the flat just above the oil filter…The cylinder head…if original to the car will have that same number…if a different number then it is a replacement cylinder head…which is not uncommon. There may remain a metal plate on / near the firewall that will have car ID numbers. You will find the chassis number on the frame…approx below and a bit forward of the exhaust downpipes. ( and sometimes…faintly…on the top of the front cross frame member in front of the radiator. ) The body number would be on an affixed metal tab…above firewall…at hood level…left side. You will want to have a Factory Shop Service Manual…many copies available on ebay for not much, and a set of Factory Service Bulletins which are important as they revise the info in the Service Manual…and maybe the Spare Parts List. Cheers…Nick