XK120 Fan Blade Alternatives?

Guys, do you have any recommendations for upgrade fan blade alternatives to the stock 6 blade fan on my '120? My original is looking a little beat and I’m curious to know if one from a '140 or later would be of benefit. And ideally something made of metal – not plastic. Thanks.

The blades on the XK140 fan are longer than those on the XK120 and must be trimmed to fit under the 120’s upper radiator tank overhang. I ran one such fan for a while and saw no noticeable improvement in the effectiveness of the cooling. A small electric fan, on the front of the radiator, really helps.

I don’t have overheating issues, but I did just have the radiator rebuilt and before I fit it, I see that the old fan blade looks like it did battle in the past with a belt failure or the like. The old blades look scruffy and twisted. Maybe I’ll just order a new one. I’m not seeing the need for an auxiliary electric fan – yet.

It looks restorable to me. Mine needed a couple of new rivets and some blade straightening, turned out fine. If your rivets are loose give them a whollop with a ball peen hammer on an anvil, that will tighten them up.
BTW the blades have a small curve to them, so they scoop the air to the rear. There will be some very tiny holes drilled in the fan spider and those balancing weights, which are the original alignment marks, they were a matched set.
I have a Bosch electric fan in front of my rad for if I get stuck in traffic in August, but I find I never use it, may take it out.
We have discussed the 6 blade fan with blades unpainted and half painted, but I hadn’t seen one with fully painted blades before now.

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Heh: reminds me of 60s-vintage Skodas, that balanced their brake drums…:grimacing:

I would suggest vapour blasting.

Is yours off of an XK140 or later? I see Barratt offers an upgraded fan that looks like a '140 type, and may consider it at some point down the road, but for now, I’ll just take a wire brush to mine to give it a light clean up, then rattle-can it. It’s a driver: so I can do that.

No, this is off my Mk9.

XKs San Luis…had a flex blade fan…flattened out at speed. Nick

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I’m using one of Guy Broad’s multi-blade upgrade fans. I figured it’s actually pretty hard to see the engine-driven fan on an XK120, and I didn’t want to spoil the original look with an electric one in front of the radiator. So far, it seems to be doing the job - no overheating issues so far…

while refitting…it is the perfect time to explore methods to ensure all possible air passes thru the radiator, not bypassing thru gaps around it. Nick

Thank you and good point. Mine was also missing those upright brackets with felt meant to seal off air flow between the radiator sides. I imagine at this point in time, quite a few other cars are likely to be missing them as well.

We just laser new alloy blades. The program for cutting can be extended to the length you want. The mounting holes come out exactly placed and we just give them a light run through the rollers for the curvature… Steel rivets but you need 2 people, one to hold and one to hammer. And you will find that it’s a lot easier if you go in the direction that means you move away from hitting the previously installed blade.