XK120 FHC - Interior

I’m looking for information about the interior ‘tacking’ pieces used for the XK120 FHC interior. My car was stripped when I originally got it so I don’t have anything to go on.

I seen some old posts on the subject, including some useful photos but nothing in the last 5 years or so. I’m also missing the rear panels that the lights were fitted in.

I do have replacements for all the visible, veneered wood but non of the usual suppliers seem to do the tacking wood?



Mine is the early type with a sort of box in the corners. The later type has a ramp there.

That panel & light is similar to Mk7,8,9, the box is the same, I’m sure you could find one somewhere. The panel is simple board.

Here’s a picture of a couple of original 120 FHC panels.

Hi Dave,
In the USA those opera light panels come with the interior kits supplied by the usual vendors, I would check with your local suppliers. Also all the tacking strips have been offered on eBay by at least one vendor, very reasonably.

My FHC had the original (mouse ridden and tattered) headliner so it provided a guide for my installer to match. He replaced all the tacking wood and used vynide on all the aluminum angles that butt up against the veneered wood that curls above each door. There has been quite a bit of discussion on this topic if you search further.

Tom Brady

Picture 1 shows all the pieces of plywood needed to tack or staple the headliner on (I believe 3/8 thick but I need to confirm that. I can mail you a paper pattern for all this if needed. Ignore the 2 bottom center right angled pieces, those go under the dash

Picture 2 shows everything installed on car prior to headliner installation. The red coloured pieces are made of angle aluminum covered with Rexine (I can provide exact dimensions but I’m not at my shop right now) You NEED to have those. 3 pieces per side
The picture also shows a metal piece (grey coloured) that you also need to have. I’m sure it could be duplicated, even approximately if yours are missing.This is not just flat sheet metal. From memory, it’s a more elaborate piece. Again I can supply a paper pattern to reproduce the right size and curvature and also detailed pictures of that piece
The lamps panels are just plywood pieces, nothing fancy about them. I have patterns for that too.
The lights incorporate a sheet metal backing plate, covered in headlining material (picture 3) screwed to the plywood panel. The lamp itself is attached at the bottom of the steel panel.
If you have any questions, please let me know. I’m here almost every day



there are at least 3 different types of metal boxes for interior light used between 120, 140 MKV and MKVII one is certainly taller than the others

Excellent description and pix.
Would you happen to knowing if the 140FHC patterns would be the same?

My XK140 FHC has interior light panels that look very simular to the ones in the photo. If you like i can take a picture of them.

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The XK 140 FHC applies a similar system but most (all?) dimensions are different (as the XK 140 is much larger in the rear).
Same is valid for all the hardwood used around doors and rear quarter window.

Bob K.

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The XK10 FHC plywood panels are different, following the change of design of the roof line. The metal receptacles and light units are the same.

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Bob K,
Did I understand you correctly that the sides are also different (120 vs 140 FHC), or that the 120 and 140 are the same on the sides (only rear window different)?

Oops, I get it (had to re-read slower, for comprehension – age!)

As an example of the difference: the XK 140 FHC doors are 6 inches longer than the doors of the XK 120 FHC.

Bob K.

Hi Bernard,

That looks to be exactly what i’m looking for. Patterns would be excellent, I’ll pm you.

I don’t have the aluminium angle pieces so dimensions of these would be very useful.

I do have one of the grey metal pieces although its a bit battered. Again pictures and details would be very useful.

The patterns for the lamp panels would again be appreciated. I do have the lights boxes, backing plates and lights.

Many thanks.