XK120 fuel tank recommendations

Looking for recommendations to replace the fuel tank in a 1954 XK120 OTS located in Australia. Hoping to avoid the problems mentioned on this site re fuel line fittings on Jorges tanks. Best value for money tank and recommendations re anything else I need to order at the same time to get the job done (eg crush washers) would be appreciated. Filler neck is relatively new and appears in good condition.

Just found the source of a strong fuel smell in the boot, that’s Australian for ‘trunk’ :slight_smile: Tank was dipped, stripped and painted 7 years ago. Tank could well be the original 65 year old item. Fuel is soaking through the scalloped vertical surface that faces the spare wheel where there’s obvious signs of old surface rust on the outside that has been painted over. Wipe the paint dry and a light film of fuel immediately appears from a 1cm2 area. Going to put a temporary patch using JB Weld SteelStick.

I would try James Lawrance in UK. I have his tank and am happy…


Thanks Tadek. Also can anyone advise whether the tank can come up and out through the boot or does it have to be dropped out underneath, requiring removal of exhaust?

Exhaust does need to come out so, through the bottom, yes.

Metal fuel tanks were made from Ternplate. A coated steel rather like heavy duty version of tinplate thatbaked bean cans are made of. Sadly while it was ome mad ein shiploads, not car manufactures tend to us e plastic tanks, it is no longer available in Australia. When it was being phased out, a few forward thinking people squirreled away enough for their future needs

In my case I solved the problem by having the parts or the tanks[ some new, some old], sandblasted and immediately cyanide copper plated.
This protects the steel like the old coating on ternplate a,d makes the soldered joints just so easy.
Then the usual slosh tank sealant.
But take the gauze filter out first .
We know someone who forgot and couldn’t work out why the car wouldn’t run.

Welsh Jag has a wonderful tank, just my 2 cents…ask for dave…

Thanks very much for all suggestions.

The 48-gallon (Imp) tank of my ‘rent’s’ '35 R-R PIII, was ternplate: in the early 80s, it was STILL rustfree, in and out.

Fuel tank from 1938 SS Jaguar saloon, terne plate, still pretty good in most places on the outside, unfortunately was not so good on the inside.

Is this the original tank ?
On the mobile so pics not great

Yes, original tank. The second pic is looking down the filler tube, with the pickup tube in view.
Terne (French word for dull) plate was originally 10-20 percent tin and 80-90 percent lead over plain steel, making it easy to make solder joints; later it was 50/50 tin and zinc, but is now made of 99.9 percent tin over a stainless steel substrate.

I was gonna ask: now I know!

An d here’s the copper plated alternative. as you can see solders beautifully.