XK120 gauge layout

Can anyone advise the original layout for the oil pressure/water temperature, petrol and volts gauges? I have a 1954 LH drive (not sure if that matters). Noticed that mine has been put back together after restoration with the petrol gauge on top, volts bottom left and oil/water bottom right.

Have noticed in some photos that oil/water tends to be on top?


Does this photo help you?


Bob K.


My '51 FHC.


My LHD 1953 DHC instrument layout is oil/water on top, ammeter bottom left and petrol gauge bottom right. The illustration of the instrument layout of the LHD FHC in the factory manual (operating and maintenance section A, page A.19) mirrors that of my DHC. Also, in Porter’s “Original Jaguar XK” (2003) the instrument layouts of LHD XK120 OTS, FHC and DHC (pp 63-66) all show the same configuration.


Appreciate your replies.