XK120 original headlight motifs

I Have just acquired a pair of NOS XK120 chrome headlight motifs Pt # BD 2561… see pg 72 of the J8 part book… given mine is a 1954 build it requires, according to ‘the book’ 2 BD9266/1 ‘studs for fixing motif to headlamp’ can someone provide me with the correct specifications on these please ? All the repops have these already moulded in so no issue… or does anyone have 4 available for sale ? Thank you.

Same as on December '53 cars? If so, I might be able to find a photo…


yes…please! what is the thread ??

Ok you’re talking about the long spears on the pods.
Since the part number of the motif is unchanged, and the nut on the stud is AN.104/L which is a 4BA hex nut, the stud is a 4BA thread, and my guess is it is about 3/4" long. If you try it and that looks too long for your taste, you can always grind off 1/8".
Better to have them too long than too short. I lost one of these spears once, the screws vibrated loose, my own fault of course.

Hi Rob you may well be correct… do you have any 4BA threaded rod in your stash? if so could I purchase 4 pieces 3/4 “ long please ?

Sorry I don’t have any. Try www.metricmcc.com or www.MossMotors.com or www.britishfasteners.com

Good 'ol ebay UK 5.50 GBP DELIVERED! to my friend there… no shipping charges no state tax! gotta love it ! Thank you Rob… British fasteners wanted almost FOUR times that by the time the shipping was included!!! 12" 4ba rod in brass.