XK120 Radiator Rubber Saddle Cushions Installation

Can someone tell me how these are installed? I know this will sound crazy, but when I removed the old radiator there was NO cushioning at all underneath it. I thought that might have been normal until checking the parts book. Wrong. So I ordered the kit and was sent a total of four but as they are too long for each saddle, I’m left wondering if they are to be mounted lengthwise? And why four instead of two? Also, are they supposed to be glued in place so they don’t shift over time? Any input is appreciated.

Thank you.

I made my own out of 1/8" rubber sheet and just trimmed them to fit. I just used two.

There are four because the parts book says there were four.
It may be an error to assume that the parts book was right, and another error to assume that the vendor knew the original specification and made his exactly to match.

Thanks Rob. I will trim mine to fit as well.