XK120 starting carb wiring

(Wyn Laidig) #1

I have a late model XK120 starting carb. There are two wiring posts sticking out the top, but I don’t know how the wires were originally attached. From what I can tell, one wire is grounded. The other wire connects to the SW contact on the distributor. Are these wires supposed to be soldered to the posts, or is there some type of connector that should be used?

(CP120) #2


The wires just slip under the tabs and then the plastic cap fits over the top.


(Rob Reilly) #3

Right, not solder, I formed mine into lassos so they loop around the post and can’t get pulled off, while singing “git along little dogie”.

(Pat Harmon) #4

Crimp on ring connectors. Top with a round serrated lock washer that fits snug on the posts

Pat H

(Phil.Dobson) #5

If the wires are original from the loom then the connection is as the guys have said. if you are looking to determine where the connections are from then one is from the ignition switch the other is via the otter switch on the manifold. it is not permeant ground as this would put the choke on permanently.

(Wyn Laidig) #6

Hmm… I am not sure what this is. I thought it was just grounded. Where exactly is this connection supposed to be?

(Phil.Dobson) #7

the connection is the item in front of the coil on the thermostat housing. its a thermal switch that connects to ground when cold and breaks connection when warm. normally these are bypassed to a manual switch in the cabin near the driver. as the original units were a little unreliable.

(Wyn Laidig) #8

Great! Thank you much!