Xk140 starter and introduction

Hi everybody

My name is Torsten I’m 50 and i live in the Netherlands. I’ve been around cars for a long time doing most of the work myself on Saab 900 turbo, C3 Corvette and Morgan +8.One can say cars are a passion.
Me and my dad recently bought a XK140, S814683DN.
We’re in the process getting to know the car and while doing so, the starter failed.
It turns, but doesn’t engage the flywheel…
So, after this brief introduction, here is my first question…

What would be a good way to get starter out…

The workshop manual says, undo bolts…now i get that part, but they are hard to reach.
Any tips what to remove and in what order?
Special tools needed?

Regards Torsten

Hello Torsten,

Looks like the starter gear is sticking, probably a good clean needed.
Not so difficult to remove, just 2 bolts ( and a 12V connections on the end )
Upper bolt remove from above, lower bolt remove from the bottom.
You can remove the starter from below.
Nothing special needed, just english/us size tools.

Peter Jan ( the netherlands )

Before you start removing the starter motor, make sure the battery’s fully charged. A low battery will spin the starter motor but not fast enough to throw the Bendix in. Also check all connections, especially the earth, are good.

Thanks for the swift replies…
Any progress, i’ll let you know…

My dad tested the starter with another battery…
No luck… so next step is getting the starter out!

Big aha today…
Starter is out… it’s working fine! Checked it with a battery and leads…

But… why didn’t it crank then? While fiddling to get the starter out i heard some strange noises. I thought it be a spacer…
It wasn’t…it was the ring gear. It separated from the flywheel.
So now is the question…
Is it possible to remove the gearbox without taking out the engine?
The manual only describes the mk iiv and XK120.

Regards Torsten

I’ve done it on a 120, by taking out the seats, floors and trans tunnel first, and supporting the rear of the engine on a stack of wood blocks. I think you could do the same on a 140. Don’t know if that’s any easier than taking the engine and trans out together.
Sounds like bad workmanship by somebody who replaced the ring gear.