XK140 Suede Green leather color variants

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I’m in progress to get missing parts for my 1955 XK140FHC project car which came as a gigantic puzzle with missing parts. Busy with interieur at the moment, which is completely missing apart from the rear access hatch and the boot trunk mat.

Therefore I don’t have much indication on what the original colors looked like, apart from the heritage certificate stating that the car was delivered to California in Pastel Green with suede green interior.

I want the car to look as authentic as possible, so I plan to go with Pastel green for body and suede green for interior in Conolly Vaumol VM3510. So far so good.

Aldrige and Skinner sent samples, which different in color quite significantly. I did a lot of internet research, looked things up in my XK140 Explored book and also talked to Georg Dönni and compared the samples to a late XK120 that supposedly is in original state. As so often that raised more questions than it answered :blush:

My questions are:

  1. Georg is suggesting that the Suede Green VM3510 changed slightly somewhen around 1957, from a warmer, yellowish finish towards a cooler blueish tone. Today only the later style is available. Yes, I noticed a difference in color tone when comparing my samples to that original car. But to me this seems to be within the variation implied by the hand craft process Conolly is using. Anyone to confirm or deny that there are two significant variants of suede green? Obviously the leather producers do not necessarily want to variants as this would make things complicated and more expnsive.
  2. Conolly might be able to reproduce warmer tones if they get a sample. I obviously can’t cut parts out of that original car, but perhaps someone has old Suede Green leather leftovers from a XK140? I’m willing to pay for any costs that arise to send me a sample.
  3. What’s the correct color for the headlining? XK140 explored has no details on this topic. Aldrige sent beige and grey samples, while Skinner also sent a sample of green whool. Internet pictures seem to suggest that headlining is green.
  4. Same question on carpets. Green seems to be the correct choice.

I know that there where many variations and changes over the production time, and customer where able to order special colors. Fading / changing colors over time does not help either.

Just trying to get what makes most sense. I’d hate to hear later: “nice car, but why did you not go with the correct colors?”



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I can only directly address one of the questions.
My '51 FHC was originally pastel green metallic with suede green interior.
The headlining was definitely green, although someone went to a great amount of trouble to turn it into tan. Here is a place where it was covered and protected from color change.

There is also green rexine covering on the boot lid covering panel, and on the front of the parcel box which a 140 does not have.
The original seats were green leather which someone later dyed black.
The top of the dashboard is covered with green leather, also dyed black.

Here is another 120 that has it’s original green carpets.


I still have these original rear seats of my 1955 XK 140 FHC laying here. This car was originally Pale Green with Suede Green interior. I changed over to Pacific Blue with a Red interior, so no need anymore for these rear seats. Let me know whether you need them for the correct colour choice,


Bob K.

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Many thanks for these detailed answers!

@Rob_Reilly interestingly my rear access hatch has a very similar color in areas where it was exposed to sun. Maybe this is just an UV damage.

@Bob_K1 I’ll send you a separate PM about the rear seats.

Many thanks

My comment is I had '51 MK7 suede green interior and it was like Robs ( more yellowish)

in my opinion Bobs '55 seats show a much more blueish tone (than the seats I had)

So maybe there was a change

The last time I talked to Jonathan Connolly, he assured me that he has all the original colour formulas that his family’s original company supplied Jaguar and they have not and did not change over the years.

You can request samples and buy bespoke hides from Jonathan in the UK or World Upholstery & Trim USA.

My XK120 original suede green interior had faded to various shades but examining places not exposed I found the carpet and leathercloth trimming materials were a close match to the suede green Connolly leather.

World Upholstery USA and BAS UK supplies a well matching hardura, moquette, wool carpet and unexpanded vinyl (leathercloth) for XK interiors.

Try Bill Hirsch USA for the green headliner.


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I have the advantage (like Georg Dönni presumably too) of having well stored (I bought them from the JHT archives) original leather sample booklets from early 1950’s, and early 1960’s. Also my first car had a Suede Green interior with many original parts.

It’s best to get a lot of samples and then get those materials which match best. Especially if you are not red/green colour blind! :smiley: (no, honestly, many are, more or less)


I would suggest that the green headlining in Rob’s XK120 naturally went tan due to fading, ultra violet and deterioration of dye in fabric.
Same with the XK120 roadster this trim has faded substantially and the vinyl piping even more so.
I have original green trim from an XK120 and in the areas not exposed to light ultra violet etc it is a darker green behind panels underneath etc.
No leather made by anyone today is going to be an exact match due to different dying techniques and not being able to use some dangerous tanning procedures etc

Seldom seen color combo. My '55 140 DHC was originally Pastel Green with Suede Green interior and a French Grey top and that is what it will be if I ever restore it. Unlikely since I’ve owned it 53 years and haven’t done anything with it yet.

love to see some photos and get the chassis number and some further history thanks terry

Agree on changes in color over the years. Here’s my 1966Mk10 with original paint and interior